vodfiveVød Five is a French vodka, manufactured in the renowned lands ofvodka Cognac, through a five distillations process of pure French grain in CHAVENTAIS stills, with an exquisite flavour and fragrance coming from the exclusive distillation methods, with a subsequent multiple filtration that will make it acquire the maximum purity, together with a process of alcohol lowering through chalky waters of the maximum quality and unique from Cognac, France.

These elements provide the Vød Five with the purity and elegance typical of the best vodkas.

On the nose it has a neutral, pure and honest bouquet.

In mouth it is warm and mild with delicate nuances typical of the cereal used in its multiple distillations. With a natural sweetness and without any added sugar. It is also fleshy, fresh and pure with spicy and citric touches.

It is ideal alone (due to its purity, warmth and mildness) and able to improve any cocktail.

VØD Five

A high quality French Premium Vodka with an adjusted Price manufactured in Cognac lands.



VØD Kream - Chocolat et Framboises

Intense fusion of great purity cocoa pods with raspberries.


VØD Kream - Cacao et Caramel

Intense fusion of great purity cocoa and natural caramel with unique nuances.  


VØD Kream - Mojito

Mint, lime juice and sugar cane evoke a natural sweetness and a warm and nice aftertaste.