A new line with the Galician hallmark.

As a result of the association between Platù Premium Spirits and Number Zero Drinks the new line of products based on vodka is born: VØd Quality Spirits.

Both companies have already been betting on the culture of the Gin&Tonic with their corresponding brands and

being conscious of vodka being an upward trend, they have associated founding this new company with the Galician hallmark. As well as the Gin NºØ and Ron NºØ, the new products line has the objective of breaking into the market offering Premium quality with competitive prices.


¿Why do we bet on vodka?

First of all because a great demand by the Galician bartenders has been detected, data that we must take in conjunction with the considerable rising of vodka sales during last year, according to establishments and wholesalers. Being a neutral drink is the perfect base for cocktails and it allows plenty of combinations. Moreover, the trends from USA and The United Kingdom indicate the step forward from the Gin&Tonic to the vodka&tonic.

Conscious of the present evolution of the market, this new product contributes this way to establish the vodka culture in Galicia and the rest of Spain.     


VØD Five

A high quality French Premium Vodka with an adjusted Price manufactured in Cognac lands.



VØD Kream - Chocolat et Framboises

Intense fusion of great purity cocoa pods with raspberries.


VØD Kream - Cacao et Caramel

Intense fusion of great purity cocoa and natural caramel with unique nuances.  


VØD Kream - Mojito

Mint, lime juice and sugar cane evoke a natural sweetness and a warm and nice aftertaste.